Custom knowledge domains with Watson AlchemyLanguage and Knowledge Studio

IBM's Watson Computing System

The AlchemyLanguage API offers text analytics through natural language processing.  This particular Bluemix service offers APIs that allow you to perform keyword extraction, entity extraction, sentiment analysis, and more.  You can either call these APIs individually or combine them into a single call to retrieve a full analysis of the input text.  In some cases, you can also combine results.  For example, you could perform a sentiment analysis on each of the keywords after they have been identified.

By default, the AlchemyLanguage API will use a general corpus of information provided by IBM.  You can use custom models for your knowledge domain built with Watson Knowledge Studio.  This tool is a SaaS offering that will allow your domain experts to collaboratively annotate documents and build models for different domains/industries.  After you build a custom annotator with the Knowledge Studio, you can deploy it to your AlchemyLanguage instance.  You can then specify which model to use during your application’s API calls.

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