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IBM's Watson Computing System

Earlier this year, my role in IBM was to help social application developers integrate social services into their applications. After some restructuring, I’m now helping application developers build cognitive solutions using the services available in the IBM Watson Developer Cloud. Now that things have settled down, I hope to make more regular updates to this blog.

There seems to be a lot of mystery around IBM Watson and it’s capabilities. How are you supposed add cognitive services to your applications? What services are available and what can you actually do? I hope to remove some of this mystery in this blog. I’ll share some application development tips and tricks that I’ve picked up while working with IBM business partners. I’ll also provide some guides that will walk through the entire process of building IBM Watson demo applications.

The first of my Cognitive Solutions Application Development guides are now available.

    Getting Started with IBM Watson APIs & SDKs – This guide will show you how to create a Bluemix account so that you have access to the cognitive services available in the Watson Developer Cloud. It will also show you how to configure a cognitive application development workspace on your local machine.
    IBM Watson Language Translation – Java SDK – This guide will show you how to create a Java web application running in Bluemix. You will learn how to use the Watson Java SDK in your applications using a small language translation demo.
    IBM Watson Tone Analyzer – Node.js – This guide will show you how to create a Node.js application, utilizing the Watson Node.js wrappers, to perform a tone analysis on some text input. You will also learn how to push any Node.js application up to the Bluemix environment.

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