Social Business Application Development Workshop


We’ve just posted new materials for the Social Business Application Development Workshop.

This update is primarily a refresh of the previous content.  However, many things have changed in the Social Business Toolkit SDK since last year.  So, these new materials reflect those changes.  For example, you must now install the development environment using Maven.  Our labs have been updated accordingly and will now walk you through this process.  The materials are written for the March 19, 2014 build of the Social Business Toolkit SDK.

In addition to these changes, we’ve improved some of the other labs as well.  For example, the Activity Streams Integration lab will now show you how to post an event, how to post an event to the stream of another user, and how to post an event to another user on behalf of another user.  Cool stuff!

You can enroll in a self-paced version of the class and download materials on our Available Workshops page.

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